7.11.09, 12:54 AM


20.9.09, 10:08 PM

Today is our third "dating" anniversary... .. . everything happened in just a glimpse and it's really tough to imagine that we have gone through our lives together for three years.. in these years, i would say that the first few years is the most memorable portion that is intensely engraved within my mind, where i still remember how we bump into an embrace that meant so much to me, how he supported me when my life is filled with incessantly streaming tears.. can even feel the warmness by just refreshing the happenings... Nevertheless, relationship doesn't always goes on smoothly with only happiness and smile without any forlorn incidence..without tears, we wouldn't realize how precious a single smile will be... Dar, thanks for presenting all these memories to me~ No matter it's a sweet one nor bad one, I'll keep it and hopefully one day when we have a ride back on our days, we can feel the peak of happiness, with no regrets.... ... .. .

tOday's celebration

my 21st birthday `09

1st anniversary

Oct `08

5.7.09, 12:30 PM

abandoned my blog for a very long time d...still busy busy busy, feel so hectic and pressure with assignments and crazy quizzes, almost driving me crazy and suffocated..haiz....Anyway, still wanna wish jin phern happy birthday, don be affected by moody me lo,hope he really enjoy his day although he is far away from his family and friends...Besides, still gotta wish Weng Hong a safe journey tomorrow (haha, if I am not mistaken, he is flying back tomorrow).....Everyone, take care and hOpe one day we can really meet up and gather..

11.5.09, 3:51 PM

As usual, I attended the appointment made with my dentist tOday so that he can make amendment and adjustment on my teeth...but the unusual thing occurs tOday.. the adjustment hurts me!!! OMG..very pain...this is the first time i felt the intense agony but dare nOt shout nor move... sob sob..

22.3.09, 11:49 PM

reading friends' blog...
What a such failure I am as a friend...now only I knew that some of my friends has endured hard times and I just knew bear on it... Although we are not really close, but I really wish to give them the support that makes them a better and stronger man.. life is about a journey that may be ended with a happy or sad ending, but the most miserable part of it is going through the journey without any strength from the surrounding, as if you are walking alone at the dark street without any people. "It's freaky"... friends,"sorry for not being part of the strength in the tough battle"

Besides realising that I am a poor friend,I obliviously found that everyone has just grown up, having their own slot of thinking..but how come i am still living in the same manner, possessing the same steps of life? I wish to be indepemdent, to be someone that is improved...

23.12.08, 11:38 PM

I watched IP Man with a group of friends in Pavillion today... hehe...so paiseh to tell that this is the first time I go to Pvillion although I am staying in KL for so long...a bit embarrassing lo...
but never mind, at least I have left my footsteps there..

imitating Ip Man...but seems to fail ..lolz

group of us..a break before we start the exam battle

"us" in front of x'mas tree

wearing an exclusive mask..wooh..

siew chan "sa po"..hehe

my sis..


22.12.08, 9:11 PM

nini is so cute..miss "him"

Today is "dong zhi" festival and atmosphere of joy should be developed...
but very unfortunately, my little nini left me yesterday
there is nothing I can do to retrieve "him" back
feeling so regretful for not being there during "his" last moment..
so helpless..
-_-..I'll miss "him"...

5.11.08, 11:33 PM

*having a quick dinner in KLCC* feeling exhausted yet happy

Watched High School Musical 3 today...
lOve the songs so much..
they are totally filled with romance
hehe..thanks to my dar's junior for the treat.
tq ya

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